ZX Error Art is a unique digital collection of 7,728 pieces of art inspired and reinterpreted from error and test screens from the original ZX Spectrum computer family.

Original ZX Spectrum “common faults” from the early 80s represent the first ever generative art form. ZX Error Art NFT collection explores in different ways what was once regarded as an error and that is now considered art.


The ZX computer family was invented by a British inventor Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021).  Sinclair was a staple in the democratization of home computing with the Sinclair ZX80, launched in 1980 and selling for less than $100 at the time, but for gamers it was the ZX Spectrum that would leave a real mark on the market from 1982. Before the appearance of the first 8-bit consoles from Nintendo and Sega, Sinclair’s personal computer and its 16-kilobyte memory offered the best value for money on the market and has met with great success with over 5 million machines sold worldwide for a catalogue of over 2,000 games.

When you buy any error from our NFT collection, you are not just buying a piece of art, you are becoming a part of a heritage club that cherishes the early roots of gaming, generative art, decentralization, and human need for global communication through personal computers.

Before there was ever a mention of decentralization, there was a democratization of computer technology, and through ZX Error Art Heritage Project we would not only want to promote art, but also raise awareness and educate on the origins of the technology we know today and can’t live without.

We want to celebrate not only generative art, but the first personal use of computers in human and AI history.

ZX Error Art NFT collection consists of six different and unique tiers. Each tier represents one generation of the ZX computer family, starting with the first ZX Spectrum which had 16Kb of memory and all the way to the ZX Spectrum 48Kb, 128Kb etc.

24 unique hand-made pieces with the initial price of 1.024ETH. A video will be available with a hand-made acrylic on canvas interpretation of original ZX Error and generative art form created by a renowned artist.

24 unique pieces with initial price of 0.512ETH. Digital animated artworks inspired from original ZX “common faults”.

512 unique pieces with initial price of 0.256ETH. 3×3 generated animated mosaics.

1024 unique pieces with initial price of 0.128ETH. 3×4 generated animated mosaics.

2048 unique pieces with initial price of 0.064ETH. 4×4 generated animated mosaics.

4096 unique pieces with initial price of 0.016ETH.6×8 generated animated mosaics


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January 6th, 2022


Artist contest will be held where the winning generative art form will be granted an NFT art piece from our collection with the value of 3 ETH.


Physical Collectible in the form of an acrylic painting based on the original generative art for 12 randomly selected people.


Creation of a digital museum, a virtual community where the history of the ZX computer family, first video games and the beginning of democratization could be made eternal by its contributors.


An art project with a renowned artist who will create new pieces of digital and physical (oil on canvas) art inspired by the early ZX Spectrum “common faults”.


Founding a Sir Clive Sinclair Foundation dedicated to his contribution to the technologies we use today, and with a mission of researching the democratization of personal computers and gaming as well as helping young and aspiring artists with a goal of promoting generative art form.


The authors of the ZX Error Art Project are a group of artists and developers called CryptoKropotkin. The CryptoKropotkin Project is named after Peter Kropotkin, Russian anarchist, revolutionary economist, sociologist and philosopher, who influenced thinkers and authors such as Chomsky, Kafka, Oscar Wilde, Slavoj Zizek etc. Kropotkin’s theoretical works on decentralization, mutual aid and economical anarchism position him as a “pre-founding father” of crypto and blockchain movement.